Isaac’s birthday blog

Isaac and his Birthday Churros
Isaac and his Birthday Churros

In addition to our group on base, another group was visiting. Altogether, there were 150 people on base, and it was extreme chaos.  The group was here on October 27th, (my birthday), so, instead of having a party for our group and 120 strangers, we went to the churro stand to buy churros.

We got a little lost and I didn’t know the way this time (read: “Know Your Directions”).  While we were trying to find it, we all talked about funny memories my parents and siblings have of me. We heard a lot of funny stories of when I was little. Finally, we made it to the churros stand.

For those of you who have never had one, churros are delicious! They are made from batter, put in a tube that looks like a syringe with a star-shaped tip. The “churros chefs” squeeze the batter out of the tube into a pot of boiling oil. The pot of boiling oil is sitting over an oven that has fire under it like a flamethrower pointed up. The batter cooks in the oil until it turns golden brown. Then they use tongs to lift the hot coils of batter out of the pot, and break it up into pieces, about six inches long. The best part is when they roll the hot pieces in cinnamon and sugar. Churros taste like a funnel cake dipped in sugar. YUM!

On Friday, we officially celebrated my birthday with an “angry bird piñata”, brownies and ice-cream.  The day before, we made 120 brownies, so for the party on Friday we ended up sharing brownies with everyone on base, including two Homes of Hope teams that were staying here.  My birthday was great. The only bad news I have to report is that I’ve been expecting a package for two weeks and it hasn’t gotten here yet. Other than that, I think that even though I didn’t have a birthday with all my friends I had fun. Bye for now!


3 thoughts on “Isaac’s birthday blog

  1. We will plan on some churros when we come to visit!
    Now the kids would like to know more about your macaroni necklace.
    “Hoppy Birdday” from Jonathan

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