Thanksgiving Blog

So, unlike every other American 12 year old, I did school-work on Thanksgiving.  It’s probably been the most different Thanksgiving in all my 12 years of life.  For the past 11 years, we’ve gone to our Grandparents’ house, eaten food all day, played games, and sometimes set up the Christmas tree.

Today, Mom spent 2 1/2 hours cooking food for 200 to 250 people.  When Dad said that I had to do school I wasn’t the least bit thankful.  But, I’ve gotten over it, and have changed my attitude.  But, when I think about it there are people about a hundred yards from here that would be so thankful to do PACEs (my school books), even on a holiday.  So, the next time you have to do homework on a holiday, put yourself in someone else’s shoes.  Bye for now!

(I’m glad we’re celebrating Christmas on a Saturday. Hopefully, that means I won’t have to do school-work.)

2015-11-21 01.30.13
Jesse and I with the Panamanian flag. We will be heading their in a few weeks. (Sorry if it is upside down)

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