Haircuts in Panama

People have asked me what is different about the mission field, so in this blog, I’ll write about how getting a haircut is different. While in the United States, the cost is between 10 to 20 dollars per haircut. Here in Panama, I got a haircut for 4 dollars. Since haircuts in the U.S. are so expensive, my mom cut
our hair herself. When mom tries a new style of a haircut, my dad makes us go first so if the haircut goes wrong, my younger siblings and I walk around with a bad haircut.  When we found $4.00 haircuts, my mom was excited, because she did not have to cut 5 heads of hair. Not only did it save money, it saved my mom three hours of time.

  The barber shop in Chilibre, Panama, was painted bright orange, and was the size of my Nana’s closet. The barber first trimmed using an electric razor, then clipped with scissors. Finally, he used a straight-edge razor around our necks and ears. I remember a Calvin and Hobbs quote, “Don’t upset the guy with a Razor.” (Especially if you have no clue what the barber and my dad are talking about.) I did my best to hold still and not say anything that would put my ears at risk! My dad was with these barbers for half a day and was able to minister to them after building a relationship while the 5 Harryman boys got their hair cut. It was a new and different experience from back home, but it was fun. 

  The moral of this story: if you want cheaper haircuts, move to Panama. Bye


Showers, Bugs, and Lizards!

I haven’t been able to send out a blog lately because the base we’re at is in the middle of nowhere and there is no internet so we can’t call my cousins, grandparents, etc. So, by the time you hear my “tale of woe” I am somewhere that has internet. There is another outreach group here, and the base they trained at is huge: it has a full-time kitchen staff, a soccer field, and they don’t have to wash their own dishes.    
So, at this base (in the middle of nowhere,) one of the girls was going to take a shower. She asked dad what shower he used, (as if the one we used is any different then the others) and my dad told her which one he used. Then, she asked,

“Are there bugs in it?” 

There were bugs in all of them, but my dad looked in and said he didn’t see any bugs. However, five minutes later we heard a scream. While she was taking a shower, a bunch of bugs and a couple lizards found their way into her shower.  
The reason that the bugs and lizards were in the shower was because the bugs are attracted to light and lizards eat bugs. Everyone is a little careful about taking a shower at night so they don´t have “visitors.”
She was so mad at my dad. After her shower, she told him,

“My shower DID have bugs in it! AND lizards!”

My dad laughed and explained that next time she should shower during the day instead of at night. 
So, the spiritual lesson to be learned:

“Thou shalt not shower at night and it will go well with you.”