Elon Academy


Elon Academy is the school I go to every day. It’s one big room, about 20 by 20 ft. There are windows all around the room. To the back of the room is the door and right next to it is where we keep our backpacks.  There are actually two classes: one class is the “learning to read” class, the other class is for the kids that are Jesse and JonDavid’s age (8 and 10).

The school is actually a school for the local missionary kids and their parents are the teachers.  The first thing we do when we get in the classroom is we get everything situated.  Then, the lead teacher asks us what day, month, and year it is.  Then, someone prays for the day and we get started.  We have a snack break at 10:45 and school ends at 1:00.  One of the things I don’t like about the school is the school schedule in Panama is from February to December. So, no summer break. Bummer.

We brought our schoolwork to Panama and we barely passed the baggage check because we had so much weight in our bags.  I still feel like my parents should have taken my advice to leave my schoolwork at home…. But, that wasn’t the Holy Spirit speaking through me, it was just me!

My two brothers, sister, and friend “Elias” in front of the school room.

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