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Filling the tub to wash my dishes

Water is very precious to us because we have around 1 to 2 water shortages per week.  The reason we have had water problems is there’s a pipe up on the Mountain that breaks and the city has to get a backhoe up there to fix it. This usually takes around a day or two before we can get our water back.

No water means you can’t take a shower, wash dishes (which isn’t that much of a problem for me), or even have a water fight.  No showers is an even bigger problem for my family, because we are still in the dry season in Panama, so there is dust and dirt everywhere! Every time Joey or Emma come inside from playing, their skin color is brown from the dust.

Last weekend, we came up with a solution for when the water is out: we filled up some large water containers (they hold about 10 gallons.) So even when we don’t have water, my mom can wash a few dishes and can help my siblings take a “sponge bath.” It is a happy day when we wake up and we have running water!

So, when you wash your hands or take a shower, remember this blog and you might think of water from a different perspective!


5 thoughts on “Water

  1. So glad God gives grace and wisdom to deal with the circumstances we find ourselves in! You’re a wonderful helping hand and team member to your family and the work of God there in Panama. BTW, Isaac, your REALLY resemble Will (cousin) in this photo! We had to take a double-take!


  2. Thank you guys for reading my blog! (I can’t really see how I looked like Will in this blog… I’m much better looking.) Anyway. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me and read my blog. Tell Lydia to do amazing at her schoolwork. Tell Andrew JonD says hi. Tell Jonathan if he grows any bigger I’m gonna have to put a brick on his head!


  3. Wow! This blog makes me very thankful for my faucet and refrigerator water system! I really hope you guys are doing good in Panama! I hear that your family and Josie and Breonna and the rest of the team are going to Bolivia and Chile! Pretty cool! That’s really exiting for us to hear that you are going to those countries because our family is learning about those places in geography this year in homeschooling! 😃 We are going to a Culture Changers conference this week! It’s pretty powerful!
    We’re praying for you guys!🙏🏼

    From: Lydia Maneval


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