Unexpected guests


Last Sunday we had a couple visitors over for lunch. (Actually we had nine visitors for lunch, not three.)  It all started like anyone’s usual Sunday:  Get up, get dressed, eat, stress your dad out about being late, Go to church.  When we got to church, we worshipped along with a YouTube video which is very………….. interesting.  Then after what non-spiritual people would call an eternity, they sent us to a children’s class that me and my mom teach.

After church, my mom found out that the six-member family that comes to church ran out of food and two other kids from school who missed their ride home had been staying with them all weekend.  My mom, being the generous person she is, invited nine other people to eat at our house for lunch!

We got our two-burner gas stove heated up, Dad drove in the new car to the chinito (corner grocery store) three different times.  The rest of the “fam” was busy too: Jesse,  JonDavid kept seven boys entertained, Emma played with the little girl and, Joey was busy taking a nap.  I helped Mom make a huge pot of spaghetti.  There were so many people, we had to eat in shifts to fit everybody around the table.  I’m pretty sure that it was the first time those Indigenous kids had ever eaten spaghetti! The moral of this story: make sure you keep plenty of food on hand on Sunday in case you need to invite a family of nine over to eat after church



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