If you’re going to South America,  probably the first thing on your bucket list is to see a llama.  I mean, when you picture South America, you would probably picture a llama.

We spent three weeks in Bolivia and we didn’t see a single llama.  It was kind of sad to be leaving Bolivia to go to Chile without seeing those adorable, furry animals.  After getting five hours into the thirty-three hour drive (to get to Chile), we came into this desert-like area, and all around, their were herds and herds and herds of llamas.

Middle of nowhere…Bolivia

But it was only at a distance.  It was still disappointing, because we couldn’t feel their soft, fluffy fur.  But then, we came to a big city in Chile,called Iqique. (Pronounced ē-keek-ā ) we stayed with a family that had three alpacas.  They were adorable!  Their fur was so soft and fluffy!  They are also very curious, and kept sniffing our hands with their noses that look like a camel.

One day, while we were outside, the owners let their alpacas out of their pens.  When they got out, they ran all over the yard, running extremely fast! When they saw us, they started to charge at us, making us think we were gonna be pancakes, but at the last second, they stopped and gave us a neck-hug. My mom now wants a pet alpaca. I don’t think my dad’s up for the job, though.

Lightning is the white one

Now, I can officially check [See a Llama] & [Play with Alpacas] off my bucket list!  It was a pretty awesome experience. If you ever get a chance to do this, I highly recommend it!  Ciao por ahora.