My God Shall Supply…

       We had the pleasure of bringing 4 Ngabe missionaries from their Comarca (Indigenous Reservation) and their country of Panama! They are making history by being some of the first missionaries in their tribe to do international missions. It was their first time flying in an airplane. Mom had to help them to fill out their immigration papers, and Richard, the base director, told them that it is safer to fly in an airplane then in a car, to settle their nerves. They are having a great time, and are actually ministering to other indigenous tribes in Guatemala. As YWAM, it is our goal to have different cultures sharing God’s love with other cultures.  

     Many of the Ngabe students have scholarships, but when it came time to fund-raise for outreach, it was hard because nobody in the Comarca has that much money. They tried their best by selling hojaldres (much like Native American’s fry bread), at an all-night prayer meeting. They didn’t raise much, but we were thankful for their help and effort. So we have been helping them raise money using our contacts.

        I´m writing this blog to help my family out by raising enough money to support myself. I am setting a goal for $500. The money goes to two plane tickets at $160 and two bus tickets at $65, plus food costs. My parents will take care of the budget and administrating the donations. I felt the Lord spoke to me to raise $500 to help with my families’ budget.

         Right now, we are in San Pablo, La Laguna, Guatemala, right next to Lake Atitlan. We´re here painting medical clinics, doing children´s ministry, praying for the sick, helping local pastors, and working with teens.  

       If you feel God puts it on your heart to give, you can give thirty dollars a month to consistently help out our family, or you can give a special donation. But, no matter what you give or how you give, you are becoming a part of our ministry! In order to give, click this link rkmissions It’ll take you to our website, where you can choose the amount you want to give.  

    David Livingstone said, “I would rather be in the heart of Africa in the will of God, than on the throne of England, out of the will of God.” 

Like  David Livingstone, I would rather be in Guatemala right now than be in the U.S.A. eating food that tastes good, and sleeping in a bed that is comfortable. Thank you in advance for giving and praying for us; we have been kept safe in our travels and are looking forward to 6 more weeks of outreach. Thanks for reading!