Christmas Thoughts in July

         Do you have Christmas traditions?  Do you set up a Christmas tree, make homemade eggnog, make fudge, and hang out with your family?   Well, everything I mentioned, we did too.  Until we answered the call to be missionaries.   Our world was turned upside down (in a good way).  Last year we actually came to the states to celebrate Christmas, but this year, we’re going to have to stay in Mexico because we’re getting a team three days after Christmas.  

       But while I’m writing, I want to discuss how different Christmas is here than in the states. 

    Weather:  the weather here, during Christmas is around 70 degrees on the hottest days, and 40 on the coldest days.  The people here do not like the cold weather so the actually wear parkas, scarves, and mittens, I think that they wear more in their mild winter here than than some people in the States (especially my Granddaddy) wear for one of our mild falls. 

We always sleep in the living room on the 24th of December

 Decorating: People take decorating here very very seriously, about every other house has at least one string of lights. All the big stores have tons of Christmas trees   for sale for about 400 pesos (20 dollars) plus they have all the regular Christmas songs in Spanish. 


  Traditions:    About a week before Christmas people do a thing called a Las Posadas. Las posadas is kinda like caroling, but its very Catholic.  So what they do is they go down the streets and they sing and knock on peoples doors and ask/sing for something to eat.  If the people in the houses want them to eat with them, then they will sing back to the people on the street.  Another tradition is eating a special bread called rosca which is kind of like a circular fruitcake.  But there are actually little plastic baby Jesus’ in the cake, so everybody gets a chance to cut the cake, and the person that gets a little plastic figurine of baby Jesus in their slice of cake has to buy all the participants tamales on February  2nd.


    The coolest part about Christmas is getting to spend time with your family.  My favorite gift that I got this  Christmas was having my Grandparents come down here to Mexico to spend Christmas with us.  It was probably my favorite Christmas present ever.




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