Missionary Kid Chaco Sandals Review

Chacos are flip-flops that don’t flop and sneakers that don’t “sneak.” The reason they are better than regular shoes is when you get themwet they take ten minutes to dry. Unlike regular shoes, which take about a day to dry.I got my Chacos for Christmas ( because we were in Costa Ric and had our Christmas on the 12th of December, so I’ve had mine for a while.)

The cool part about Chacos is that it has straps running through its sole.  My mom looked up on YouTube how to adjust them to the right size and learned how to do it in five minutes. So if you don’t know how to adjust them go to YouTube.  My dad has almost wore them the whole time he has been in Costa Rica and Panama.  They are sturdy enough to hike up mountains and makes creeks easy to cross.

I’m giving Chacos a 9 1/2 out of a possible score of 10. I am taking a half point off, because they can be a bit tricky to get on, especially when you first wear them. So, whether you’re in the jungle searching for a village, or on the beach relaxing, Chacos are the best!


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